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Vegetables and fruits can be grown also in countryards, balconies and terraces. Pots can be used if the garden is to be set up in balconies and terraces. Pots can also be used in the countryards if the soil is not fertile or shades of trees restricts the availability of enough sunlight,requiring shifting of the pots according to the positon of the sun.

Plan and supervise the construction of farm and other related buildings (e.g. housed livestock, greenhouses, nurseries, landscaping of township projects) and storage facilities. Supervise ground preparation, seeding and harvesting. Plan, supervise and manage the building for irrigation, drainage and water control systems . To maximize production and thereby profit to the farm by planning and organising all farm maintenance activities and making the most efficient use of all resources at his disposal. To develop, implement and manage standard operating procedures, preventative maintenance programs and replacement planning for a broad range of agricultural, industrial, and animal feeding equipments to improve agricultural productivity.

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