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Hortitech Services aims to make Chennai a kitchen garden city and talks about its benefits

Think of it. Chennai has acres of potential Terrace (farm) space, thanks to the city's sun-drenched flat roofs. And beneath these roofs, so much of human resources in the form of housewives, senior citizens and others underutilised. we can produce their own vegetables and fruits in the space available in their residential andbusiness premises by using 100 percent organic inputs. Natural Agro is assisting the enthusiasts by door-delivering the materials like pots,soil-manure mix,seeds,fertilizers and insecticides at cost price.


Since Hortitech Services kitchen garden concept works on the potted plant model, it averts the bottlenecks of waterproofing roofs, the major hassle in establishing a terrace garden. As for Hortitech Servicesn himself, it takes this old man and his wife about 20 minutes every evening to water the vegetable farm on their terrace, where they grow everything from tomatoes and cucumber to brinjals and pumpkins in pots. The pots are available in light weight and instead of soil , soilless media made by coco peat is used and the pots/grow bags senior citizens can lift comfortably. “An idea can change the world, but then, it should be workable.” Well, this idea seems to have clicked. Besides kitchen gardens, Hortitech Services has had many corporate groups and families getting potted vegetable plants from him, to give away as gifts. Charging for the material expenses of the pot and soil alone, Hortitech Services offers to help anybody who approaches him to set up their own kitchen garden. So, if you are ruminating on a gift or hobby, why not pick up this live, green idea?
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